About Troy

“From out of the past, comes the future!”

– says a Music Industry insider after recently attending a concert by Troy Hess & The Texas Heartbreakers!

Upon witnessing one of their live performances, it’s easy to see why such a statement can be made!
As Troy makes his way to center stage, before even one word is spoken by him, or one note played by the band; you get the feeling that what you are about to witness is much more than just another artist & band, performing the same old worn out melodies that have been repeated dozens and dozens of times,  by who ever held that stage last. You get the feeling that what you are about to see is so very unique, as compared to the current musical landscape. You are about to witness a legendary performance, by an artist, considered in many circles, to be a legend!

Having already entertained audiences for several decades; Troy began his career as a child prodigy of his dad, the legendary Mercury Records recording artist, Bennie Hess! Before Troy had turned 3 years old, he had already performed on stage with the legendary Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, recorded his first record, and had made several television appearances.

Though born in the heart of Texas, Troy’s family moved to Nashville when he was just five years old. There his fame grew, performing with Ernest Tubb. Johnny Cash, George Jones, Hank Thompson & Dolly & Porter to name a few. Troy also performed all over the U.S. performing alongside such musical greats as the original Drifting Cowboys: Don Helms & Jerry Rivers, banjo sensation Wendy Holcombe & dobro legends Tom Swatzell & Shot Jackson, alongside legendary fiddler Johnny Gimble.

Troy has been featured in several music documentaries, including BBC’s “All You Need Is Love“. He’s also appeared in several magazines including:

*Billboard Magazine
*Country Music Magazine

Following up with several books including:
*Nashville Babylon
*Jimmie Rodgers: The Life & Times of America’s Blue Yodeler
*Mel Bays: Country Dobro

Upon returning to his native  Texas, Troy organized his band, “The Yellow Rose Express” and performed all across Texas from festivals such as the Kerrville Folk Festival & The Houston Festival, to concert venues, to SPSJT & VFW Halls, the Astro-Arena, and dancehalls all throughout Texas.

Troy also recorded a session for Columbia records which included the song “Wild Horses”, which was later covered by Garth Brooks!

In 1994, Troy formed “Troy Hess & Dangerous Livin’, a band that became known for their versatility, with a repertoire that included a mix of top 40 pop, and modern country selections. For several years, they were a major part of the local south Texas music scene.

Fast forward to the late 90’s, disillusioned by where Country music was headed, Troy formed the incomparable ZEBRA THREE band, in which they performed 80’s, 90’s & contemporary rock/pop music. This was a major contrast from his heritage, but never the less, the group was successful, opening for major bands such as Days of the New, and Z3 was approached by Warner Bros. Pictures for a song for the soundtrack of Starsky & Hutch in 2003. the success of Zebra Three just added to the reputation behind Troy and his musical talent, and while popularity grew, he began to hone his natural skills as a song writer.

Seeing the need for a return to a more true form of the musical style he loves, Troy formed his band “The Texas Heartbreakers” in 2010, and their popularity has skyrocketed.  Adding in the fictional novelty song “Please Don’t Go Topless Mother”, in which Troy recorded at the age of 7 years old, has re-surfaced in recent years, and is now an internet sensation, garnering numerous posts, blogs, and even a cartoon on YouTube about it. This has made Troy one of the most unique talents to ever grace a stage, anywhere!


With a heritage that would be surely envied by any of the current top forty acts within the music industry, Troy Hess ins a master performer, and one of the last truly unique musical artists, with a sound and vibe that leaves you coming back for more!